Draw from church. Crappy webcam photos for now- I just moved the furniture in my room with the help of my friend and still have to put things back together, but once I’m done I’ll scan my sketch books. 

Haise in an apron was inspired by a comment makyun made regarding chapter two of Tokyo Ghoul: Re. 


i hate to do this, but the situation my family is in right now is pretty bad. we’re teetering on the edge of homelessness and need some help.

as some of you know, we moved from utah back to washington and are staying with family. but recently tensions have been high, and i’m not sure how much longer we can stay here. we’re looking at rentals and might have found a place, but everything is still pretty up in the air. my dad doesn’t make a lot, and while my mom has a job lined up, the hiring process is taking a long time and we can’t be sure of when she’ll begin getting paid. whether it be for rent, deposit, food, or other moving expenses, the money from this fundraiser would be a huge help to my family.

even if you cant donate, signal boosts are appreciated :^)


Hey man, i know she’s kinda an ass Try to zone her attitude out and put on some relaxing music and imagine Pillow’s and Rawa’s babies

Pff kinda. I should try that sometime… It’s hard to zone her out, though. Especially when she yells. orz

oneeyedcatdamnit replied to your post “oneeyedcatdamnit replied to your post:Gonna go to sleep without…”

shhh shhhhhhhh go to sleeeep

Mnnnnnhhhh mom woke me up at like 11:30 because she wants me to do the dishes before going to sleep. =n= It’s 12:30 and I can’t do them cuz she’s cooking stuff anyway.

you need sleep

Everyone needs sleep. But it’s only 10. I usually sleep some time before 3 a.m (like 2:46 or somethin’).

This is super early for me.

Gonna go to sleep without watching my anime today because I’m seriously tired. =___=

megs-fallen-angel & starfight-er

Did you guys get my message about the updated hotel price? It’s getting really close to the con, so I wanna make sure you guys know about it. 

Crappy webcam photos of my draws from Wednesday to today, all in a new sketch book since I finally finished the one I was using since April. For some reason the upper right side of this sketch book is warped on every page, so I’ve been avoiding drawing on the warped part.

Haise, Rin, and my little witch girl (who you guys haven’t seen until now and who I haven’t named yet) were inked with my almost-dried-up brush pen, then with Rin and my witch girl i went over the brush pen’s lines with a not-almost-dried-up pen to darken them. I learned that I really like working with brush pens but now I’m sad because this almost-dried-up one is the only one I have.  orz 

Commission for thenamesdock of our characters (from left to right) Sa, Naoki, and Rai.

Commission for thenamesdock of our characters (from left to right) Sa, Naoki, and Rai.